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  1. Hello, Welcome to Hangzhou Golden(Jinpu) Spectrum Scientific Instrument Co.,Ltd.!
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    Hangzhou Golden(Jinpu) Spectrum Scientific Instrument Co.,Ltd.

    About us

    Hangzhou Golden(Jinpu) Spectrum Scientific Instrument Co.,Ltd. is a new rising agent sales company of laboratory equipments and related supplies. Cooperating closely with a number of famous brands, we have successfully become the general agent of these brands in Zhejiang province, including Instruments and equipment, microplate reader, Microplate Washer, dispenser of liquid-moving machine, Thermofisher Chromatographic consumables and Reagents from Thermo Scientific; Laboratory grinding crushing screening equipment instrument of Retsch, muffle furnace and tube furnace from UK Carbolite, UK Elga's ultrapure water and central water supply treatment equipment, and microbiological culture media from Beijing Luqiao.

    We thank all customers for caring and supporting our products; we have established a close and long-term relation of cooperation with friends in several fields such as commodity inspection, food safety, environmental monitoring and drug research and development, etc. As a world's leading brand agency, we are committed to providing customers with first-class services, professional technical supports and quality products.

    8F, Building 8, Xichengbosi, 158# Zixuan Road, Sandun Town, West Lake District, Hangzhou City, China

    Service Hotline: 400-905-8018

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